Mediracer® NCS

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    » Nerve Conduction Studies

    Mediracer® NCS is perfect for diagnosing sensory nerve entrapments in an outpatient setting. It is an efficient tool for general practices, occupational health care, hand surgery and orthopaedics. Current applications allows for the examination of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome related median nerve entrapment and ulnar nerve entrapments at the elbow. The tests are performed using disposable adhesive surface electrodes. Test results can be used to determine if the finding is abnormal and to grade the severity of the nerve entrapments.
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    » Accurate Testing Method

    The diagnostic method (Uncini et al. Muscle Nerve. 1989 Sep;12(9):735-41.) is sensitive (94%) and specific (98%) compared to the conventional nerve conduction studies performed by a specialist when detecting Median nerve entrapment in Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. (Tolonen et al. Acta Neurologica Scandinavica 2007 Jun;115(6):390-7.) 
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    » Easy to Use

    The handset is simple and intuitive to use and the electrodes are shaped to make it easy to place them correctly. Training is provided by Mediracer in the use of the devices and this is supported up by a program of clinical support to ensure that everyone is comfortable and competent in the use of the Mediracer® NCS.
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    » ISO 13485:2003

    Mediracer Ltd. has achieved ISO 13485:2003 certification for its quality system. The company’s quality system was assessed and approved by VTT Expert Services Ltd, which acts as an authoritative Notified Body within EU (No. 0537).The issued certificate covers the design, manufacture, sales, marketing and service of point-of-care medical devices in the field of diagnostic testing and monitoring of biosignals. Certificate number VTT-C-8386-60-12.
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Contact us to find the best solution for your healthcare needs. The Mediracer® NCS is a great tool for both public and private healthcare sectors.

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We always aim to provide the best customer experience. If your are thinking of purchasing a Mediracer NCS we will happily put you in touch with one of our established customers, from a similar healthcare sector, who may be able to offer some insights into your proposals.

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The Mediracer NCS device and the disposable surface electrodes are manufactured in Finland. This allows us to have 100% control on our manufacturing process and ensure that we consistently exceed our international quality standards. We also ensure that the Mediracer NCS is made using environmentally responsible methods and materials.

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Medical Futures Innovation Award!
Mediracer Ltd. received Winner of the Best Diagnostic in the Bone & Joint Innovation Awards 2007 in London 14th June. Read More!